Melha Shriners Feztival of Trees

The Melha Shriners would like to thank everyone
who visited our
Feztival Of Trees.

We hope that you had as much
fun as we did serving you.

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Melha Shriners


of Trees

Fun for the whole family!

Win A Trimmed Tree

There are almost 100 trimmed trees for you to choose from? For only $5 you get 15 chances to win your favorite tree. The more chances the better your odds. Winners will be notified by phone at the end the Feztival.

Craft Fair Vendor

Are you a local crafter? The Melha Feztival of Trees is a perfect venue to sell those early Christmas presents. It is also a great way to get noticed.

Food & Entertainment

Refreshments, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Soup, Deserts; Come have dinner and experience the beauty of the Feztival of Trees.


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